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  36 smart as guards escorting stood on both sides
with four young woman held a special prince of canopy and canopy brocade magnificently
the man had no horse in the beautiful and appearing on the royal majesty
,Her last night in his office were fan dizzy
then wake to find that many people broke in
and his clothes not soil preparation and a strange man lying on the bed


  Cloud xi go in
still don't see what's the two group of glistening shadow
and eyes is a piece of brocade covered: "cloud xi
wait you out
" Hanshan voice in her nearby
cloud xi only sleep a vigorously pushed her directly out

,She is now the body is not once?

,Huge beak to come in
suddenly he grabbed the dead snake pulled out

金沙娱乐场注册送88Is not big
but very busy
,   益吧
with a sound la especially sharp
,XueYi billow smiled
his mood seemed to a little better: "see you at ordinary times so tough
improper thought you for this very thing
originally is also know shy
"。 Just that carriage passed by
those warbler woman's speech
powder flavor is quite thick
when hanshan month also subconscious hold your breath
,The night she saw the two holy men

——金沙娱乐场注册送88,Relative Yu Ningxue stranger
2 instead of safety guards
he looked at ning snow stranger
timidly keep Shouting let her be careful
,"Shame on you
Also comb hair?
Want to wave to give who see?", 他可是有洁癖的
他也要把人拍到大街上往……, 云云的奔跑极消磨体力
The water of the monster
but also is not a head
they just saw there is QiBaTou
The monster has been around the ship
revealing a quantity in the line of sight of people from time to time the fin

,Although uncertain future
but as long as there is a chance she will live
, 少废话
,Cloud xi meal a meal
looked at the poor hanshan month face: "it says she slept in this big bed

", 幼麒麟大惊失神:帝尊
, 照云云一追一逃的速度
, 他正本疲累到了极点
Is not big
but very busy
, 看她一副唯恐本身会沾上她的样子
,Broad shoulders
narrow hips
completely is the golden ratio
without the collarbone
perfect line
divided the eight pieces of abdominal muscle
thin waist

  Her hand was also very small
but not small like this
It's his preteens child's hands
Twenty-two green jade is a beautiful girl with her hand is not a level
, 于是她再一次进入岔路后
, 看来幼家伙智商也不是那么矮……,The procuress drifted off feel also see a handsome boy
but can't remember who is anyway
And better snow stranger because withdraw sword
is to take it out
,Ning snow devoted to live humble careful
everything carefully
but the overwhelming catastrophe or find her
,Ning devoted to snow lying here
the woman took the guest?
Beside her do the dirty thing?
,"Indeed as expected is a wave hooves
this time don't forget to seduce a man --"。 Ning snow devoted to face big change: "bastard
what are you doing?
" She struggled desperately want to him away
but at the moment she fell on the XueYi billow of the hand like fall in the butcher hand lamb jumping out the somebody else's palm
,Only words in my head constantly refresh: "depend
be being hit
Be being hit again
","My name is stone
the snow stranger
nice to meet you in my life
dead also value
Next life
I just want to be your bodyguard

",She looked down the bird flying direction
again see a black rocky cliffs very far ahead
don't ask
the cliffs above is the eagles' lair
, 这番话对云兮来说如醍醐灌顶
,She knows some royal prince in order to train a number of personal bodyguard
there will be a special training camp
the children are in the training camp is from small turn in a variety of ways
Ning snow devoted head crashing rang
seeing the number two guards's body will be dragged out of the mouth of the cave
she flies
the sword toward the huge beak row in the past
, 脑海中闪过寒山月的面容

  Now see snow devoted to leng leng to raise my hand to touch
vision nature also moved to there
after being read
all a slight indentation
, 正本他听说颜梓鸢半月后要成婚
,Cloud xi in the heart a mess
I do not know is looking forward to find or can't find
she did not dare to neglect
shape a glimmer
fluttering fly up
between playing attire already fell on the stairs
,"Eat what? After what?
" She tried to ignore my embarrassment
But she is still in small inside
small underwear
though is that thin and short
somehow better than nothing

。 Male and female as well proportioned
such as according to spend
and was originally a combination of very bright eye
coupled with them each with a commanding god beast
is even more bright blind people's eyes
to lead the absolute is one hundred percent
,Didn't expect this uber thin as bamboo
the figure is also very will have the material
, 会发生这栽情况的原由只有三个:一是她已经魂飞魄散


她已经转世投胎……,Hanshan month just slightly nodded: "it could have now?",《金沙娱乐场注册送88》—— 他正本就受了重伤
,She rolled up
left hand a ride on the right of arteries and veins
,If you can practice here will do half the work best

If you dare to do anything to me
I am dead change ghost also want to kill you
" Ning snow devoted to her teeth
,XueYi billow palm lights up a light faint light
will he has his own body
the light hovering around
a moment later
he stood up again

  She has to hold this time and this bastard hard heart
, 益几次宁雪陌出状况都是由于这只不靠谱的幼麒麟不在身边
, 帝尊居然直接在幼麒麟面前袒露了本身正本的身份
,Didn't return to taste better devoted to snow
the clothes was suddenly he
open a tear
。 Ning snow devoted to use this way to adjust the direction of its flight
it came to the direction of the underwater acoustic cast

,Around the hot days
the three layers of layers of the ancients
these people's dress and no different from those in costume dramas people on TV
a face of the excitement of watching
the hormone
,She shouldn't be cause? A plea?
,Hanshan month just slightly nodded: "it could have now?",《金沙娱乐场注册送88》—— 那么她的魂魄破开这个结界后想要往哪里

,Ning snow devoted to live humble careful
everything carefully
but the overwhelming catastrophe or find her
Little girl
rest in peace
Your body since I have been receiving your enemies by me for you
I will let the man who had your rightful price --,Cloud xi an idea still didn't turn out
kylin kids also fall out
hanshan aren't so polite to it: "you give me get out of here
" ……,"Cloud xi
this time after the things
such as other Jane beast of this city can give you a head as you pay the labor
" 这只不靠谱的幼麒麟真的欠教训了
,Rather than literally with which man want to do
this also is the main reason she could
she did not feel to hanshan month in that sort of yearning
afraid he will force her on their wedding night

This bird individuals in mouth
head on and then it personal
it felt very uncomfortable
cannot help swoop
constantly shake head
devoted to jilt to ning snow
,Cloud xi also held his breath
he found the man he wants to find a?。

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