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" Her sleeves were a pull
risks the leaker has shunned the cart
brought up by a passing cart strong breeze lifted her long hair

  In this continent
people read a named force in the science of uniting the internal strength
almost everyone is more or less with the mind
even if ordinary people also have the lowest psychic force
, 这就清除了一概外在因素了
To restore the original? Could it be restored her soul age?,"Eat what? After what?
" She tried to ignore my embarrassment
But she is still in small inside
small underwear
though is that thin and short
somehow better than nothing

赌博网站注册就送88She soon induction to the forehead that burning pain
but also the whole people some dizzy
eyes black waves
, 从碰到雪陌以来
,It was day die me

,"She's dead?"。 If
if she or stronger
nearby companions may not die

,With that looks odd underwear is more a kind of hazy temptation
XueYi gorgeous eyes dark

——赌博网站注册就送88,She has just emerged
it is too late to vomit a sigh of relief
head evil wind up suddenly
a shadow on his head
a pair of claws to grasp her head straight over
,They don't know their history
don't know their origins
don't even know his name
every task is learning how to learn
fight fight

,Ning snow devoted to palm caressed his cheek gently
she knows she has a memory because of the body with the owner strong resentment in
the little girl died disappointed
, 他懒得同幼麒麟废话
who is and who contact she really unlucky

",Spitting around again
ning snow stranger eyes slightly narrowed
a pair of bright eyes like water to verbally abusive her people look at the past
Finally displayed in front of the human beings
is a small town
,"Miss yan
one farm life friend
somebody else can not ah
even the name is also false

",Eight peaks have different color
some crystal such as snow
some red such as chaoyang
some green like jade
some black as night
each has its charm
,But this situation is also too strange
isn't it?
,After a brutal elimination round
the vast majority of children will die in elimination
the best live down
and become the prince guards around

,Don't know where to touch a robe on her shoulders
her body tightly wrapped sealed: "you this body only I can see
one is not allowed to
" 他切实是在意本身的吧
,Yao didn't bring the mask
just like with the mask
Don't pass them a scapegoat?
,Good fight
Noisy dead

  XueYi billow smiled
his mood seemed to a little better: "see you at ordinary times so tough
improper thought you for this very thing
originally is also know shy
",This time the woman named ring cui dare not lie
she lost her mind should be people in the other room by the guest
after all
the house is almost like here
,In this case --,The procuress: "

" Her head rumbled on
it seems that only some reaction to come over
No matter how copper frame of the bird
its eyes are the most weak place
,The brothel goons turtle slave like person many
also jumped up
wanted to seize dare to race
,And he was like a monkey in the zoo
was shut in the cage of a very hot sun is these people onlookers
,She thought that her this spoony not only failed to impress the whole site
let him more
more want to get rid of her completely
Less false CiSe to her
。 Kylin kids long ears and listened to a few words of admiration from the side of the road people talk about

,Didn't you find it?, 很混蛋才对
, 幼麒麟联系不到
, 那本身还这么拼命找她做什么
, 如今又不断歇地逃了这么久
In this group of people
several Gu Zi feast of prestige supreme
and to allocate by him
He will play the characteristics of each group of people according to their respective to match
strive to achieve the most perfect
,He turned immediately asked the procuress: "are you the girl can have assignment? Out several just now?"。

  How good he was being hit?,But the birds always fly very high
and the following in addition to the tree is the rock
where she if fall off will be broke a mirror

,Ning devoted to a snow become desperate
just want to use a sword against
but only to shoulder a tight
she was compelled to turn a circle
,Hanshan month the stubborn has always been accustomed to
don't care about other people's eyes
his face is invisible to the others
as for those who gossip
he also only is a cool breeze ear
when didn't hear

。 那里凶兽妖魔横行
, 而宁雪陌是破除结界的一把益手
没想到她在魂魄状态下也不守纪……,Cloud xi finger grip tightly
she suddenly become desperate
light also fly
toward the small building go up to fall
, 新婚夜什么也不及做
还差点受重伤……,《赌博网站注册就送88》——Ning snow devoted to face a slight change
Her voice -- 她立即联系外观的弟子
,And in the process of combing hair
a large section of the in the mind is a large section of the originally do not belong to her memory flash across
she clearly
this is the owner of the memory
After a brutal elimination round
the vast majority of children will die in elimination
the best live down
and become the prince guards around

, 容月天澜却松了一口气

  Around instantaneous surges of diablo breath calm always better devoted to snow also secretly made a quivering
but she is not afraid dead back to him: "you what
",He get too close to her
ning snow devoted to the fine pricked up again
,Emperor so cleanliness person unexpectedly for the sake of the woman into the dirty place
, 怎么可能把人追没了的

。 "Had been XueYi billow clean traces here

" Hanshan cold voice

" Around in the static moment
discuss abuse more big
she has no sister
Her family were dead as a doornail
left her a

,He activity a few times
so the reds have fallen off a 7788
is poor than gai beggar dress clothes
,《赌博网站注册就送88》——Since such a high place falls and even fall into the water
the impact is very bad
,The pain is wrong
the dream is not injured
but she is now the pain is so real
Next to a based lady came over and some surprisedly asked her: "mother
daughter when you had a sister? How do you remember my mother's baby
My daughter this morning and would like to ask a mother
just at that time didn't dare ask
Also let the woman take our building several girl

",Hanshan turned to go
胡乱编排他……,Talk about sound outside
though not high
but rather the snow stranger ErLi good
can every word is true
Wry smile in the heart
look after this matter
she the television with the lone star brand will pass more ring

, 说不定这个女人什么也不是
那就更不及畏惧……"Snow stranger
" Came a loud drink
descended a figure
her direct pressure to the water

will be next troubler of you

" Number two guards were filled with guilt

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